Hospitality & Housekeeping

Hospitality refers to the relationship between a guest and a host, wherein the host receives the guest with goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. Louis, chevalier de Jaucourt describes hospitality in the Encyclopédie as the virtue of a great soul that cares for the whole universe through the ties of humanity.

Certificate program in Hospitality | House Keeping:

  1. Introduction to Hotels Industry

  2. Types of Hotels

  3. Importance of grooming

  4. Hygiene in Hotels

  5. Inter personal Skills in Hospitality

  6. Customer relations

  7. Departments in Hotels

  8. Food & Beverages Department

  9. Coordination among all departments

  10. Organizational hierarchy

  11. Attributes of F & B Services

  12. Restaurant equipment

  13. Preparation of Services

  14. Handling Tasks

  15. Banquets

  16. Types of Services

  17. 1 Room Service/Room staff organization.

  18. Control system

  19. Production

  20. Front office Reservations

  21. Types of Room

  22. Check in/out

  23. House keeping Department

  24. Energy and Water Conservation

  25. Basic Etiquettes, Manners and Communication Skills

  26. Awareness of their role in the household and introduction to layout and set up modern houses and facilities for contemporary homes.

  27. Appraisal of electrical, mechanical gas operated kitchen gadgets, their names, uses, up-keep, care and maintenance

  28. Knowledge of commodities their classifications, uses, do’s and don’ts for storage and their uses

  29. Knowledge of various surfaces-marble, granite, wood, metal and others-daily cleaning, periodic cleaning and spring cleaning

  30. Sanitation needs with reference to pests and their control and exhaust systems.

  31. Appraisal of food and beverage service equipment-furniture, crockery, cutlery, glass-ware, linen and miscellany with their names and uses.

  32. Cleaning care and upkeep of various food-beverage service ware basics of sequence of menu (not more than 4 courses appetizer, so up, main course and desserts classification of beverages- alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

  33. Basic of table, bar and tray setups ready for service and clearance after service

  34. Classification of beverage(Alcoholic and non alcoholic)


  1. Maintaining personal cleanliness & Hygiene Practices

  2. Carry out basic First Aid treatment/notifying accident.

  3. Practicing Fire Safety measures.

  4. Occupational hazards and safety norms.

  5. Good Housekeeping practices at all times.

  6. Simple Disaster Management & Preventive measures for staff/guests/machines in the event of Earthquakes, Tsunami, etc.

  7. Practice waste disposal as per environmental laws.

  8. Pest control measures

  9. Field Survey

  10. Work Exposure

  11. Visit to Hotels

  12. Demonstration of Table layouts

  13. Exposure to Restaurants

  14. Acquaintance with Restaurant equipment

  15. Acquaintance with crockery/cutlery

  16. Demonstration of Table layout

  17. Familiarizatin with Beverages and alcohols

  18. Observation duties/dress code of Kitchen staff

  19. Observation of duties of front office execution.

  20. Room keeping

  21. Hygiene requirements

  22. Familiarization with a modern house including kitchen,domestic appliances and gadgets.

  23. Demonstrate and make trainees practice on social skills, personal and job hygiene standards and courtesies required during employment.

  24. Practice of making and answering telephone calls.

  25. Practice on operation and upkeep of electrical and electronic home appliances, i.e., Vacuum Cleaner, Washing Machines, Motor Pumps, Air Conditioners, Geyser, Electrical Iron, Steam press.

  26. Identify, use handling and upkeep of Room and bathroom linen.

  27. Practice on dusting, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing etc, cleaning of various metals.

  28. A systematic way to clean various surfaces-daily, periodic and spring-cleaning

  29. Practice of Room and Bed making

  30. Identification, use handling and upkeep of crockery, F&B Linen, Cutlery, Glassware and Miscellaneous ware.

  31. Demonstrate and practice cleaning methods for different types of crockery, cutlery, glassware and other table.

  32. Practice of different Tray, Trolley and Table layouts for Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and partly and beverage.

  33. Service of Food and Beverage items.

  34. Demonstrate and practice how to set up side station/side boards and bar counters ready.

  35. Demonstrate and practice systematic ways of clearance of tables and trays after service is over.

  36. Baby care- bathing, dressing, feeding of proper food, hygiene care.

  37. Simple Flower Arrangements.

  38. Handling and disposal of waste.

  39. Practices of first aid techniques.

  40. Use of Fire Fighting equipment’s.